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HUD’s place-based housing strategy alongside active effective partnerships between central and local government are contributing to positive housing outcomes ion the Hastings district.

Today in Hastings, Housing Minister Megan Woods visited Hastings for a series of housing visits in the district. 


Since July 2019, 317 Public homes, transitional homes and Papkāinga homes have been delivered. These houses are providing safe, warm, dry homes for whānau and individuals across the region. These new homes are also providing opportunities for families to put roots down and participate in a local community through children attending local schools, families and individuals participating in community activities, working locally and contributing economically.


As more transitional and public homes have come onstream the reliance on Emergency housing has decreased significantly. This can only be a good outcome as more whānau and individuals get the security of longer term and better quality housing.


Underpinning this progress is the effective collaboration between iwi, community organisations, and local and central government that has also led to the development of a Council-led medium to long-term housing strategy for Hastings in February 2021 - Kāinga Paneke, Kāinga Pānuku. Meanwhile a major partnership with Ngāti Kahungunu, under Whai Kāinga Whai Oranga, was signed in June and will deliver 131 affordable rental homes.


A total of 253 public homes are in the pipeline for delivery by 2024/2025.


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