Consent hearings for contracted Emergency housing motels gets underway in Rotorua on 17 October. Evidence will be heard from different parties over the coming weeks with a decision expected later in the year.

About the hearings

The consent hearings process for 13 motels being used as contracted emergency housing (CEH) in Rotorua, will be heard commencing in the week of 17 October 2022.  It is expected the hearings could take a few weeks, with a decision later in the year.

HUD supports an open, transparent resource process and that is why we sought public notification of consents. We look forward to the hearing and the outcome. Our evidence brief is available on Rotorua Lakes Council website - Public notice for Contracted Emergency Housing(external link).

HUD will honour the integrity of this important community process and will not comment publicly (other than through the hearing itself) on the evidence being provided by submitters. We are happy to respond to media enquiries related to our evidence.